An Alternate Etymology of Marijuana

by Jack Cross

The ‘-JUANA’ of Marijuana is the Latin/Spanish feminine aspect of the masculine ‘JUAN,’ in English, ‘JOHN,’ etymologically related to ‘JACK,’ ‘JAMES,’ ‘JASON,’ ‘JESUS,’ etc. etc., all, related, J-oined together, by the TEN-th Letter ‘J’ of the English/Latin Alphabet.

Set, Setting and In-TEN-tion.

BEHOLD the ‘J’ of Journey!

‘Marijuana’ is Mary and Her Daughter ‘Juana’ because it’s the female plant that produces the mind-AL-T-er-ing effects of THC, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. ‘Marijuana,’ in English, ‘Mary Jane,’ IS the name of a sacrament, where ‘sacra-’ means ‘HOLY’ and ‘-ment’ means ‘MIND.’