​The Polemics, as I lovingly refer to my writings, are intended to be a collection of short articles, art-i-facts, journey notes, diagrams, ecstatic poetry, slights-of-hand with Compass, Square and Pen, written exclusively under the influence of Mind-Soul-Manifesting Agents, secret and sacred. For those not familiar with the word ‘polemic,’ it means ‘WAR,’ and every man is Jack.

Simultaneously, I would like to welcome you to my hallucinations, of a Christ Complexicon made of the shapes of letters, and morphemes, the constituents of words, a complex-lexicon of Geometry and Archetype and Alphabet moving through Time to a Receiver. YOU are reading a code.

Shamanism is primarily concerned with healing and meaning, which are directly experienced and learned through discipline from one’s own HIGHER SELF, who shall remain Nameless, and integrated into one’s
so-called ordinary life.

These are the ashes of an extra-ordinary Journey, inward, in Word.


Jack Cross