Structurally, and f-UNCTION-AL-ly, the Carpenter’s Tools, the COMPASS, SQUARE and PEN, are ‘INSTRUMENTS OF MEASUREMENT,’ measuring the ‘ment,’ the ‘MIND.’

‘Unction’ means ‘TO TREAT WITH A MEDICINAL OIL in a re-LIG-ious [w]RITE,’ to ‘ANOINT.’ ‘Christ,’ ‘Christos,’ ‘Christus,’ ‘Messiah,’ ‘TO ANOINT,’ ‘ANOINTED,’ ‘ANOINTED ONE.’

The Com-p-A-ss is derived from the shape of the human pine-A-L, a CONE, located in the center of the posterior forebrain. The First Letter of A-lphabet IS CONICAL. The first alphabetic writing is called ‘cuniform,’ ‘cuni,’ ‘WEDGE’ + ‘SHAPE’/’FORM.’ ‘Reed’ ‘READ. ‘Cuni-‘ ‘CONE.’

The Square is the UPPER RIGHT QUADRANT of the CROSS the Carpenter is CRUCI-FI-ed on, a CROSS MADE OF LIGHT INSIDE THE PROMISED GLAND OF ONE’S OWN PINE-A-L. S-qu-IN-T! LIG-h-T appears to con-V-er-T into the configuration of a CROSS.To ‘Con-c-en-T-rate, is to ‘MOVE TOWARD THE C-EN-T-ER.’ Crucifixion is an archetypal pun-ishment, and ‘Y’s can transliterate into ‘J’s as can be seen in ‘Y-oke’ and ‘J-oke.’

The ‘L’ of re-L-ig-ion is the Square, and the First L-etter of the A-L-phabet, is a PICTOGRAM of the Compass of Compassion, BOUND TOGETHER into the ‘LA’ morpheme, measuring AL-L re-LA-tion-ships.

The ‘LIG’ of ‘re-LIG-ion’ and ‘LIG-h-T’ means ‘TO BIND.’ The prefix ‘re-‘ means ‘AGAIN,’ or ‘AGAIN and AGAIN’ and ‘INDICATES A BACKWARDS MOTION.’ RE-SURRECT,’ ‘AGAIN’ + ‘RISE’ or ‘AGAIN and AGAIN.’ RE-VIV-e-AL! Two fi-V-es in Light make Ten.

Two S-erpents and a pole. The ‘SIS’ of GN-O-SIS.


To ‘hy-P-h-EN-ate’ MEANS ‘TO J-OIN.’

The ‘art’ of ART-ic-ULA-tion’ MEANS ‘TO J-OIN.’

See: ‘Car-PEN-T-er’ and ‘Ser-PEN-T.’ PEN-e-T-rate.