The “Eye of God,” as en-V-isioned by the Huichol (Wixaritari) Indians of Mexico. Geometry and V-ibrance, compliments of PEYOTE. Inquire within.

We are the Observer and the OB-S-er-V-en-T, EXPRESSED GEOMETRICALLY as a Third Ordinate, and Alphabetically, as the Tenth Letter ‘J.’

We T-URN the OB-J-ec-T of our Re-f-LECT-ion TO THE RIGHT, AT 45 DEGREES, a RI-T-U-AL SACRIFICE of ordinary consciousness, ‘ORDINARY,’ determined by  ‘ORDINATES,’ ‘EXTRAORDINARY,’ determined by an EXTRA-ORDINATE,’ a Third Ordinate.

Spell W-ord and L-ord.

‘AL-T-er,’ ‘CHANGE,’ ‘AL-T-ar,’ ‘HIGH.’

The ‘EYE,’ …the ‘I,’ TILTS TO THE RIGHT, morphologically, and transforms, transliterates, into the Tenth Letter ‘J,’ to reconcile the relationship of opposites, EXPRESSED GEOMETRICALLY AS VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL COORDINATES.

In GOD’s EYE, we DIE and RESURRECT. AT FORTY-FIVE DEGREES, we are psychologically CRUCI-FI-ed upon the cross of our own consciousness. The J-ourney is inward, in-Word. It is Alphabetic, Logotic, Archetypal, Geometric, Holographic, Hierophantic.

‘RE-’ Birth [w]Rite.

Author-Rity, from ‘AUTOR,’ Latin, ‘FATHER.’ The ‘H’ is an ‘aspirate,’ a ‘breat-h.’

‘H-iero,’ ‘SACRED,’ ‘-phantic,’ to ‘SHOW,’ to ‘RE-V-e-AL.’

In the land of the blind …wink.