‘JAH’ is a Map of God in morpheme structure. The ‘J’ is an A-XIS POLE MADE OF LIGHT, a flame, the Wizard’s Magic Wand, burning inside the First Letter of the ‘A-lphabet,’ a cone. The French added the minuscule to the bottom of the ‘J’ in the Middle Ages, “ostensibly, to differentiate it from an ‘I’ tilted to the right.” ‘Ostensibly,’ ‘APPARENTLY OR PURPORTEDLY, BUT NOT ACTUALLY.’ The miniscule is a Symbol of Return.

The ‘H’ is an ‘ASPIRATE,’ a ‘BREATH.’

The ‘LU’ morpheme means ‘LIGHT.’ To ‘cipher’ is to ‘encode.’ ‘P’s and ‘F’s transliterate. Decipher.

The ‘LIGHT’ of ‘JAH,’ the AL-Mighty, shines on ALL with the ‘AL’ morpheme, PICTOGRAMS of a Compass and a Square.


An e-X-C-LA-I-M-ation, but you don’t really care for morphemes, do you?