The “Transcendental Object at the End of Time” IS SYMBOLIZED BY the ‘J’ and the ‘T’ of ob-J-ec-T itself, ‘J-ec-T,’ ‘TO THROW,’ from ‘jacere,’ composed of the ‘JA’ morpheme OF ‘JA[H]’ + ‘cere,’ meaning ‘PURE.’
We con-J-ure. We In-V-oke. We J-ux-T-a-pose.
The ‘T’ of ‘T-ranscendental’ and ‘objec-T’ and ‘T-ime’ is an in-T-er-sec-T-ion of ver-T-ical and horizontal coordinates, a CROSS.
‘Transcendental’ means to ‘CLIMB ACROSS,’ ‘OF THE SPIRI-T REALM.’ The Door, the  ‘J.’
Pro-J-ec-T-iles have tra-J-ec-T-ories, and so do J-ournies and J-avelins and J-e-T-s.
The TEN-th Letter ‘J,’ of ‘ob-J-ec-T’ and ‘sub-J-ec-T’ and conjecture, IS a ‘J-‘ A-X-IS POLE that ‘J’-oins the TWO HEMISPHERES OF THE BRAIN/MIND, which are today SYMBOLIZED GEOMETRICALLY BY Plane Cartesian Coordinates, VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL, and designated ‘Y’ and ‘X,’ respectively. ‘Y’ and ‘X’ in Genetics designate MALE and FEMALE chromosomes.
The TEN-th Letter ‘J’ is a Third Ordinate. The miniscule at the bottom was added by the French in the Middle Ages, to differentiate it from an I’ tilted to the right, as if a ‘J’ were an ‘I,’ bowing down TO RECONCILE THE RELATIONSHIP OF OPPOSING FORCES, EXPRESSED GEOMETRICALLY AS VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL COORDINATES, a CROSS. Note to self.
‘Con-J-ec-T-ure,’—’TOGETHER’ + ‘THROW’,— is ‘A THEORY WITHOUT SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE,’ and what theory could be evidenced more insufficiently than one concerning the Transcendental Object at the End of Time and the Theo in theory?