T​o​ ‘e-X-AL-T,’ from ‘ex-,’ ‘OUT, UPWARD’ + ‘altus,’ ‘HIGH.’ But why?

THE SHAPE of the Letter ‘X’ is what makes ‘ex-’ mean ‘OUT,’ ‘UPWARD.’

An ‘X’ is an intersection of intercardinal coordinates, a ‘crisscross,’ a Christ-Cross. In Greek, ‘Christos’ is ‘χριστός,’ hence, XMas.

‘X’ is the Roman numeral for ‘TEN,’ (10), a ‘1’ and a ‘0,’ One and Nothing, Being and Non-Being, a re-V-o-LU-tion, in a decimal system, ‘the completion of a cycle,’ the Cosmic Ser-P-EN-T bi-T-ing its bi-nary T-A-i-L/T-AL-e. If the tongue fits…

We lis-TEN, we pay at-TEN-tion, we make an in-TEN-sion, we seek EN-LIG-h-TEN-MENT. ‘EN,’ ‘IN,’ the ‘BINDING,’ with the breat-h, at the fullest e-X-TEN-sion of the LIG-h-T Principle. We measure in-TEN-se. The ‘EN’ is ‘IN,’ a directive, and the ‘T’ is an IN-T-er-section of vertical and horizontal coordinates, a cross. ‘Capable of being held, maintained, defended,’ ‘TEN-able.’​ 

The ‘AL/LA’ morpheme ​of​ ​’e-X-​AL-T,’ is SECONDARILY, a PICTOGRAM OF A COMPASS AND SQUARE, ‘INSTRUMENTS OF MEASUREMENT, BELONGING TO A CARPENTER,’ where ‘-ment’ means ‘MIND’ and everyday is Christmas.