Transcendental Objects

Transcendental Objects

The “Transcendental Object at the End of Time” IS SYMBOLIZED BY the ‘J’ and the ‘T’ of ob-J-ec-T itself, ‘J-ec-T,’ ‘TO THROW,’ from ‘jacere,’ composed of the ‘JA’ morpheme OF ‘JA[H]’ + ‘cere,’ meaning ‘PURE.’
We con-J-ure. We In-V-oke. We J-ux-T-a-pose.
The ‘T’ of ‘T-ranscendental’ and ‘objec-T’ and ‘T-ime’ is an in-T-er-sec-T-ion of ver-T-ical and horizontal coordinates, a CROSS.
‘Transcendental’ means to ‘CLIMB ACROSS,’ ‘OF THE SPIRI-T REALM.’ The Door, the  ‘J.’
Pro-J-ec-T-iles have tra-J-ec-T-ories, and so do J-ournies and J-avelins and J-e-T-s.
The TEN-th Letter ‘J,’ of ‘ob-J-ec-T’ and ‘sub-J-ec-T’ and conjecture, IS a ‘J-‘ A-X-IS POLE that ‘J’-oins the TWO HEMISPHERES OF THE BRAIN/MIND, which are today SYMBOLIZED GEOMETRICALLY BY Plane Cartesian Coordinates, VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL, and designated ‘Y’ and ‘X,’ respectively. ‘Y’ and ‘X’ in Genetics designate MALE and FEMALE chromosomes.
The TEN-th Letter ‘J’ is a Third Ordinate. The miniscule at the bottom was added by the French in the Middle Ages, to differentiate it from an I’ tilted to the right, as if a ‘J’ were an ‘I,’ bowing down TO RECONCILE THE RELATIONSHIP OF OPPOSING FORCES, EXPRESSED GEOMETRICALLY AS VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL COORDINATES, a CROSS. Note to self.
‘Con-J-ec-T-ure,’—’TOGETHER’ + ‘THROW’,— is ‘A THEORY WITHOUT SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE,’ and what theory could be evidenced more insufficiently than one concerning the Transcendental Object at the End of Time and the Theo in theory?


Eye of God

Eye of God

The “Eye of God,” as en-V-isioned by the Huichol (Wixaritari) Indians of Mexico. Geometry and V-ibrance, compliments of PEYOTE. Inquire within.

We are the Observer and the OB-S-er-V-en-T, EXPRESSED GEOMETRICALLY as a Third Ordinate, and Alphabetically, as the Tenth Letter ‘J.’

We T-URN the OB-J-ec-T of our Re-f-LECT-ion TO THE RIGHT, AT 45 DEGREES, a RI-T-U-AL SACRIFICE of ordinary consciousness, ‘ORDINARY,’ determined by  ‘ORDINATES,’ ‘EXTRAORDINARY,’ determined by an EXTRA-ORDINATE,’ a Third Ordinate.

Spell W-ord and L-ord.

‘AL-T-er,’ ‘CHANGE,’ ‘AL-T-ar,’ ‘HIGH.’

The ‘EYE,’ …the ‘I,’ TILTS TO THE RIGHT, morphologically, and transforms, transliterates, into the Tenth Letter ‘J,’ to reconcile the relationship of opposites, EXPRESSED GEOMETRICALLY AS VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL COORDINATES.

In GOD’s EYE, we DIE and RESURRECT. AT FORTY-FIVE DEGREES, we are psychologically CRUCI-FI-ed upon the cross of our own consciousness. The J-ourney is inward, in-Word. It is Alphabetic, Logotic, Archetypal, Geometric, Holographic, Hierophantic.

‘RE-’ Birth [w]Rite.

Author-Rity, from ‘AUTOR,’ Latin, ‘FATHER.’ The ‘H’ is an ‘aspirate,’ a ‘breat-h.’

‘H-iero,’ ‘SACRED,’ ‘-phantic,’ to ‘SHOW,’ to ‘RE-V-e-AL.’

In the land of the blind …wink.











The HIGHEST P-rize.
Im-P-lies verticality, s-P-a-T-i-AL.
An em-PT-y V-essel.
PO-e-T, POT-ter, ‘MAKER.’

‘Very skilled or proficient at something, ‘ADEPT.’
‘INEPT,’ not so much.

We PO-in-T.

‘P-HE-T’ means ‘to speak’ and the prefix ‘PRO-‘ means ‘for.’








T​o​ ‘e-X-AL-T,’ from ‘ex-,’ ‘OUT, UPWARD’ + ‘altus,’ ‘HIGH.’ But why?

THE SHAPE of the Letter ‘X’ is what makes ‘ex-’ mean ‘OUT,’ ‘UPWARD.’

An ‘X’ is an intersection of intercardinal coordinates, a ‘crisscross,’ a Christ-Cross. In Greek, ‘Christos’ is ‘χριστός,’ hence, XMas.

‘X’ is the Roman numeral for ‘TEN,’ (10), a ‘1’ and a ‘0,’ One and Nothing, Being and Non-Being, a re-V-o-LU-tion, in a decimal system, ‘the completion of a cycle,’ the Cosmic Ser-P-EN-T bi-T-ing its bi-nary T-A-i-L/T-AL-e. If the tongue fits…

We lis-TEN, we pay at-TEN-tion, we make an in-TEN-sion, we seek EN-LIG-h-TEN-MENT. ‘EN,’ ‘IN,’ the ‘BINDING,’ with the breat-h, at the fullest e-X-TEN-sion of the LIG-h-T Principle. We measure in-TEN-se. The ‘EN’ is ‘IN,’ a directive, and the ‘T’ is an IN-T-er-section of vertical and horizontal coordinates, a cross. ‘Capable of being held, maintained, defended,’ ‘TEN-able.’​ 

The ‘AL/LA’ morpheme ​of​ ​’e-X-​AL-T,’ is SECONDARILY, a PICTOGRAM OF A COMPASS AND SQUARE, ‘INSTRUMENTS OF MEASUREMENT, BELONGING TO A CARPENTER,’ where ‘-ment’ means ‘MIND’ and everyday is Christmas.







‘Forbidden’ is a REVERSE BIFURCATION. ‘Bi’ is ‘TWO,’ the etymological foundation of Bi-ology. The Study of Life is the Study of TWO. ‘Fur’ means ‘FORK’ or ‘FOUR,’ where the ‘bi,’ the ‘TWO,’ become ‘FOUR,’ become eight, sixteen, thirtytwo and the MAJIK SIXTYFOUR. A ‘HEX’ is a ‘SPELL.’ A ‘gram’ is a ‘MESSAGE.’ The ‘-tion’ is ‘THE ACTION OF.’

In re-Verse, what is ‘fo[U]r-bi-dden,’ …is to RE-T-URN to ONE.